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  • The following links below explain the different aspects and applications of Amsoil By-Pass Oil Filters including the benefits they have.
  • The Amsoil Ea By-Pass Oil Filter (EaBP) provides the best possible filtration protection against wear and oil degradation. Working in conjunction with the engine’s full-flow oil filter, the AMSOIL Ea By-Pass Filter operates by filtering oil on a “partial-flow” basis.
  • Explains the filters and installation instructions for all of Amsoil's by-pass filter elements
  • Offers easily accessible remote mounting capability for a full-flow spin-on oil filter and a spin-on by-pass oil filter. This unique combination of both full-flow and by-pass filtration on a single mounting manifold is the only system of this kind designed specifically for marine applications.
  • The BMK-18 is designed to be installed in harsh marine environments. The hose fittings are coated with a 3 ml layer of Alumiplate™ and 1 ml of zinc and yellow chromate. Standard hydraulic fittings typically survive for 96 hours in the grueling ASTM B-117 Salt Spray Test. When we subjected the Alumiplate™ coated AMSOIL Marine Bypass System fittings to this critical corrosion resistance test protocol, they lasted over 1,000 hours! This means the Alumiplate™ coating on the fittings of the AMSOIL Marine By-Pass Filtration System is 10 times more corrosion resistant than standard zinc and yellow chromate plated fittings! While this exclusive Alumiplate™ coating process is expensive,
  • Engine wear is caused by dirt particles of about 5 microns. By-pass filtration removes particles less than one micron or larger, virtually eliminating engine wear. Filters all of the oil in a 6 quart system in about 5 minutes. Without full-flow filter element - 1 full-flow required.

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